Cameo Hawkins

At the very beginning of the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation’s (AAWDC) Career Ladders for Foster Youth Program, Cameo Hawkins stood out amongst the other youth. Cameo’s presence in the room was very apparent – always participating in every activity, always striving for perfection in every youth task assigned in job readiness training, and always heavily involved in leading her peers. She participated in AAWDC’s Summer Youth Works 2011, and at the closing ceremony, Cameo received numerous awards and was acknowledged in the job readiness training session by her peers for being the best professionally dressed female youth. Even in her position at the Ft. Meade Alliance organization where she was assigned to work for six weeks to gain work experience, Cameo was praised for her professionalism, excellent work ethics, and her determination to get the job done. Cameo is currently finishing her last year at Glen Burnie High School and is looking forward to graduating in June. As a foster child, Cameo has defied and challenged the odds that may be against her just by the mere fact that she is a product of the “system” so much so that she has positioned herself for greatness. Currently, Cameo is working in AAWDC’s subsidized employment program for youth at the Pathways to Cybersecurity office in Glen Burnie, Maryland. In her role there, Cameo inputs information in the cybersecurity database and has done such an outstanding job there that she has won the hearts and praise of the entire program staff. Cameo is interested in a career in communications. Her immediate goals are to attend college and continue working, and with the dedication and persistence that she has in becoming successful in life, she is well on her way in doing just that.