Jaslyn Mitchell—WAGES and SYW participant

Photo of Jasyln Mitchell

When Jasyln first began AAWDC’s WAGES program at North County High School, she was a very shy and a self-conscious student who struggled in certain academic areas such as math and science. She was always hard on herself, which caused her to avoid opportunities and many of her responsibilities at school. The WAGES program coordinator, worked with her daily to make sure Jaslyn was completing her school assignments and staying focused socially. AAWDC’s Youth Career Advisor provided essential skills training and career guidance, which helped result in the successful completion of two Summer YouthWorks! programs.

While enrolled in AAWDC’s WAGES program, Jaslyn realized the mistakes she made and how it had affected her. She was determined and did whatever it took to graduate on time. Jaslyn’s hard work did pay off. Not only did she graduate on time with her class, but she has enrolled in Anne Arundel Community College, where she is taking two courses in Psychology and Algebra with the hopes of becoming a certified teacher.

Jaslyn’s entire attitude and passion for life has changed because she reached her goal of graduating on time with her peers and enrolling in college. Jaslyn is on track at AACC and is very excited about her future.