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We all remember our first job, our first paycheck, our first break. You have the unique opportunity to offer a young adult a chance to experience the world of work, grow professionally, and contribute to your bottom line.

Partnering provides your business the chance to:

  1. Address critical business needs such as filling entry-level job vacancies, completing overlooked administrative projects and addressing coverage gaps during staff vacations of busy seasons, in a fullfilling and cost-effective way.  In addition, many youth are fluent in technology and bring with them a lot of energy and enthusiasm.
  2. Market and promote your business or organization – Interns serve as public relations ambassadors for the companies that employ them.
  3. Screen potential employees, with minimal risk. A six week summer experience is a great way to screen a potential long-term employee with minimum financial investment.
  4. Give back locally and be involved in the community.
  5. Earn work opportunity-tax credits - Employers that sponsor/hire youth may be eligible.

There are several ways to partner:

  • Hire and host a workready summer workforce
    This indicates that you are able to support the wages of the summer work experience and host one or more youth at your worksite for the duration of the program. Please review our Worksite Agreement (link to form) and review the safety, compliance, and worksite responsibility sections to ensure you are an eligible worksite.
  • Sponsor A YouthWorks! Work Experience
    This indicates that you are not able to host a summer work experience at your worksite, but are interested in sustaining the program by financially supporting an opportunity at a small business or non-profit.
  • Host a subsidized  workready youth at my site
    This indicates that you cannot financially support a summer work experience, but could host one or more youth at your worksite for the duration of the program. There are limited subsidy opportunities and we will do our best to meet your request, but cannot guarantee that it will be met.
  • Share My expertise and inspire the future workforce
    This indicates that you cannot financially support a summer work experience or host an intern, but could present at one or more workshops to share your career story and experience about landing a job in your field.
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