WIOA Eligibility Criteria

All youth and young adults are welcomed to receive free consultation and support.

Qualifications for WIOA initiative include:

  • High School Drop Out/Basic Skills Deficient
  • HS Graduate who requires additional assistance to complete educational program, or to secure and hold employment (must meet low-income requirements)
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Homeless individuals
  • Individuals in Foster Care
  • Parenting or Pregnant individuals
  • Juvenile Justice SystemIndividuals who have contact with the Juvenile Justice System


WIOA for Out-of-School Youth defines low-income as individual who:

  • Receives or has received within the past six months, or is a member of family that is receiving or has received within the past six months, assistance through SNAP, TCA, SSI, or other public assistance.
  • Is a homeless individual.


If the individual participant does not meet the above standard then the participant individual must meet the income standard set for below.  In such cases, the entire family income must be calculated for the six-month period prior to enrollment and cannot exceed the standard as adjusted for family size.  In the case of a disabled individual, case managers should calculate the income of the participant individual only and disregard the family size. 


Family Size – Income Standard

1 - $11,880

2 - $18,819

3 - $25,832

4 - $31,885

5 - $37,632

6 - $44,010




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