Diagnostic/Medical Imaging

Diagnostic technology and jobs in medical imaging involve several procedures that help health workers diagnose disease. Ultrasound technicians use special equipment to tkae pictures of internal organs. Radiologic technicians take and analyze X-rays, and cardiovascular technicians identify heart or blood problems in patients.

Typical Salary Range: 
$18 - $32 per hour
Who Does Well: 

People interested in healthcare, with excellent technical, administrative and communication skills with an attention to detail. 

Types of Employers: 

Hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, outpatient urgent health and surgery centers, long-term care faciliteis (assisted living and skilled nursing). 

Career Path: 

Advanced imaging/diagnostic jobs include MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiologic, and Ultrasound Technician jobs. 

How to find a job: 

Online job websites, LinkedIn, temporary staffing agencies, networking. Skills developed in htese programs can be used in a mutlitude of healthcare settings.