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Information, Communication & Technology

Technological progress is a considerable driving force behind economic growth and job creation in Anne Arundel County. The ICT sector closely collaborates with other sectors like healthcare, education, social/clean technology, media, and entertainment. The financial sector is one of the most ICT intensive.

The adoption of new technology will increase the need for Information Systems Analysts and Consultants.

Segments of the ICT industry that are experiencing extensive growth include cloud computing, mobile platforms and applications, gaming, consumer privacy, and security applications. These are contributing to the already established ICT subsectors of communications, robotics and enterprise software.

The industry needs workers with a leading-edge package of skills, for example, system analysis and design, combined with marketing, operations management, and HR management. It’s also in search of people with particular combinations of domain experience (e-health, e-finance, and digital media) together with ICT experience. The ICT sector expects challenges in recruiting computer programmers who have leading-edge or highly specialized skills and can combine the technical skills with essential workplace sills such as team working, communications, and problem-solving.

  • Web and mobile programmer that designs, codes, implements, and tests end-to-end applications often for high internet traffic. Performance tuning and event driven programming as well as anti-spam considerations and security concerns are usually included.

  • A web designer is often a marketing person who has a combination of creative skills and some programming skills. The chief goal of a web designer is to communicate to an audience, drive viewers to particular web pages, and to engage community.

  • Network administration, including backup, security management, and user account management. Provides support for servers, network and desktop hardward, software and applications. Rolls out hardware and software to ensure optimal deployment of resources. Plans, implements and supports the network and computing infrastructure plan. Assists with technology planning through ongoing research.

  • IT Secuirty Specialists maintain systems to protect data from unauthorized users. Identifies, reports, and resolves secuirty violations.

  • Computer technicians provide support to staff in the office or students in labs by gathering information and analyzing what support is needed with computer hardware, printers, calendaring, email, MS Office, retrieving files, installing or reinstalling software, accessing the network, changing passwords, etc. May be delivering support in-person, over the phone, or via e-mail. 

  • A computer technician has mastery over identification(s), installation, and configuration of hardware devices to build, maintain, upgrade, and improve performance of a computer system. If you know how to do this, people who don't will think you perform magic.