Web Programmer

Web and mobile programmer that designs, codes, implements, and tests end-to-end applications often for high internet traffic. Performance tuning and event driven programming as well as anti-spam considerations and security concerns are usually included.

Typical Salary Range: 
Who Does Well: 

People who look for patterns, can get immersed in a whole world of logical outcomes and are persistent enough to dedicate hours and hours of time to learning new programming languages and experimenting with them. Programmers are in it for the long haul. They anticipate the reward and sense of accomplishment once a product has been developed and completed.

Types of Employers: 

Software companies, web portals, application sites, photo and music sharing sites, start-ups, government agencies, game development companies.

Career Path: 

Advanced training and experience can lead to more complex programming positions

How to find a job: 

Leverage your network once you have gained experience working in specific languages. Most popular are Perl, C++, MySQL, UNIX, AJAX, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery. Be able to demonstrate a project you have designed.

Training Required: 
  • Introduction to Unix/Linux
  • Unix/Linux Shell Scripting
  • Apache Web Server Introduction
  • MySQL Databases
  • Network Fundamentals OR Introduction to Networks
  • PHP Programming Or Python Programming OR Ruby Programming​​